We make premium leather gear for dirty fun boys who like to party and play.
We don’t judge. Live and let live.
Whatever your kink, if you have an open mind and like to have fun we consider you part of our tribe.
That’s our vision of ARMY OF MEN.  JOIN THE RANKS!

We make the good shit.
We work with leather and we make cool stuff that excites us, and we hope excites you too.
We do a bit of everything, but we have a certain way about doing it.
We pay a lot of attention to detail, styling, fit, and versatility.
We use top quality materials.
We like to push the boundaries of what kink and fetish can look like.
We’re good with colour, that’s kinda our trademark.

You get noticed in our gear. Guaranteed.

Primarily headed up by a wayward tailor named Derrick, who got his start making clothes for strippers as a young teen and whose sense of conservatism has been going downhill ever since. He continues to be ever more perverse, yet non-judgmental and unshockable with each passing day.
He heads up all design here and is the one who personally makes most of your gear. So if you like the gear, let us know. If there’s something you want to see in the future, tell us. [Email us here.] While we are not a completely bespoke workshop, we love to do as much as we can to customize the products and make them special for you. 
We make everything to order in-house and we don’t keep much stock.
When you order something, we make it and ship it as fast as we can.

We like it this way, and we’re going to continue to work like this for the foreseeable future. Why?
Because we know how much you don’t all want to look the same.
We like being flexible enough to customize the gear. We’d also rather be able to make new stuff all the time.

We have a focus on gear that is easy to order online. This is why you don’t see full leather uniforms on our site.
While we are able to do these garments, we prefer to tailor them one on one in person.
Based in Byron Bay, about 2 hours south of Brisbane on the eastern coast of Australia. We don’t have a showroom, but you can visit the workshop by appointment with prior arrangement if you are after something a bit more bespoke.
The best way to see our gear is on this website and our social media pages.
You can follow us here:
Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Tumblr
We also take our gear on the road, often coming to your nearest leather/fetish expo and market fair in Australia. Make sure you follow us on our social pages so you know when we’re coming to you. We always have great sample sales at these events.